Erica Tomkinson

Practicum student - M.A. Counselling Psychology

Erica is a student in the Counselling Psychology master’s program at Yorkville University, she is passionate about supporting people through their difficult times, Erica recognizes the value in speaking with someone who is open and accepting when trying to move forward in life. She provides children, adolescents, and families with a confidential and judgment-free safe space where the treatment aim is client centered and strength-based, believing in the possibilities of change.

Erica has experience working with clients as they face challenges related to emotion regulation, relationships (social, familiar, and romantic), mood, behavioural difficulties, parenting, and addictions. Erica has extensive knowledge working with those affected by substance use disorder, she has twenty plus years of experience working within various roles of addiction and mental health services.  Her harm reduction approach influences her interactions with clients and their important relationships.