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A message from our directors:

The current pandemic has exposed the already inadequate mental health care system for children in Ontario. COVID-19 has disrupted children from their routines, exacerbating pre-existing mental health conditions and creating a catalyst for new ones.

Many families were waiting for services at CAFCO prior to COVID-19 and, with an expected increase in demand, wait lists have grown exponentially across the province. CAFCO is no exception.

In order to address this, CAFCO has had to make the very difficult decision to temporarily close our waitlist. With the volume of requests, we simply cannot get to all of our families in a timely matter and feel it is unethical to place families on a waitlist where they would not be seen for many many months.

Please rest assured that our team is working in overdrive, trying to help all families. We ask that you please be patient and offer grace to our administrative staff, as they are doing their very best to assist everyone in a timely manner during these difficult times.

We recognize that this news is upsetting and that families are having a hard time accessing services everywhere. Please refer to our resources page for some ideas of tangible tools that may prove helpful. Additionally, please check back in mid-September for one time consultation appointments, and the re-opening of our waitlist. For upcoming group therapy offerings that may be a good fit for your family, please see our newsletter

For any urgent needs, please call the Child, Youth, and Family Crisis line, available 24-7 for families with children 0-18 years of age, at (613) 260-2360.


Dr. Caroline Sullivan & Dr. Julie Desjardins

Here is the visual pathway for receiving services at CAFCO, once our waitlist re-opens: