We know that wait times for mental health services are incredibly long right now, and these virtual groups, grounded in evidence-based treatments, may be an excellent option to access effective treatment more quickly.

Keep scrolling to learn about all of our new and upcoming groups from Parent Programs to Anxiety Management to Emotional Regulation!

For more information please email us at
Please note that this email address is designated for group-related inquiries only. For all other service-related matters, please contact us at Thank you for your understanding.

Frequently Asked Questions:

-How much does it cost?
(answer varies depending on the group – see above. The cost is per session, times the number of sessions (e.g.: $100 per session x 9 sessions = $900)

-Can I claim this using my private health benefits?
Most comprehensive benefits will cover group therapy. Be sure to check with your provider and ask if services provided by social workers are covered.

-How many parents/caregivers can join?
All primary caregivers are welcome to join, up to a maximum of 4.

-Do we have to sign up for the whole group?
Yes, the groups are closed groups, meaning everyone starts and ends at the same time. Families must commit to participating from beginning to end.

-What if we have to miss a session?
Not a problem! We get that things come up. We can offer each family one 1:1 makeup session per group.

-Where do the sessions take place?
All sessions take place using Zoom.

-Will you be running groups in person?
The Cool Kids Anxiety Group will be held in person. All other groups are currently held virtually.

-How many facilitators will there be?
All groups have one lead facilitator and one or two PhD clinical psychology students/interns.