Who We Are

The Child, Adolescent, and Family Centre of Ottawa (CAFCO) is a bilingual and multidisciplinary group of professionals dedicated to providing a range of health care services for Ottawa families.  We offer personalised and professional care, with the goal of helping children, adolescents, and their families to develop healthy and fulfilling relationships, grounded in the principles of dignity and respect.

Due to the collaborative and multidisciplinary nature of our group, we are able to offer our clients unparalleled access to a wide range of therapeutic options.

As part of our commitment to our community, every member of CAFCO is committed to dedicating a portion of their practice time to community-oriented activities, including conducting constructive workshops, engaging with underserved and high-risk populations, and offering services on a sliding scale.

Statement on anti-racism

The following was adapted from the OPA’s website http://psych.on.ca :

We stand by the OPA’s  statement of support of Black Lives Matter movement.  CAFCO, in line with The Ontario Psychological Association strongly denounces anti-black racism, racism of any kind, discrimination and hatred as it causes considerable mental harm. It is not acceptable to stay silent and we stand in support of working with all individuals to heal the harm.

As an organization, CAFCO is committed to supporting equality, inclusion and celebrating diversity. No person should feel threatened, bullied or secluded because of their color, nationality or religious beliefs. We have a responsibility to listen, educate ourselves,
engage in conversations and most importantly stand up when we witness unacceptable racist
behavior and acts of violence.

This link provides a number of helpful articles, videos and books that address racism for parents, people and psychologists.

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