Dr. Sabrina Schmiedel, C.Psych. Psychologist


Dr. Sabrina Schmiedel, C.Psych.  Psychologist provides bilingual therapy services to children, adolescents, and families. Her areas of practice include anxiety and mood disorders, emotional dysregulation, attention and behavioural difficulties, parenting challenges and peer/family relationships.

Sabrina uses an integrative approach, incorporating cognitive-behavioral, emotion-focused, dialectical and family therapy elements. She values collaboratively identifying the best empirically supported approach for each client, notably by integrating their unique circumstances, needs, and goals. Sabrina has a warm and compassionate style and strives to establish a safe, authentic and trusting relationships with each of her clients.

Sabrina has completed her training in a variety of settings, including hospitals, schools, private practice and community mental health settings. She obtained her Ph.D. in clinical psychology from the University of Ottawa, and completed her residency at CAFCO. In addition to her work at CAFCO, Sabrina is part of the school psychology team at the CEPEO and is a member of the Quebec order of psychologists.