Janet Sauve

ASD Consultant

Janet began her career as a developmental service worker in the field of early childhood education. She quickly discovered her passion for Autism, a fairy new and not always understood diagnosis. Janet has worked in the field of Autism for over 20 years and prides herself as being a strong advocate for children and youth.

Janet worked as an instructor therapist at CHEO in the IBI program for 9 years before moving to work at a school board as a special education technician for Autism Spectrum disorder for 12 years.  Janet currently works as a Re-Adaptation officer consulting with several schools across a vast territory. In this role, she makes recommendations following evidence-based practises to support students with an Autism diagnosis in the school setting. Janet works as part of a multi-disciplinary team to ensure all parties (including the individual with ASD) work towards a common goal. By promoting awareness, her goal is to ensure everyone she meets understands the unique traits of ASD to create an atmosphere of inclusion for all.

Her approach consists of a balance between understanding what drives human behaviour and the importance of developing a secure relationship. Janet currently holds a senior level instructor certification from the Crisis Prevention Institute with a specialty in ASD.